Chaparral Motorcycles

Orange: 1973 80cc    Blue: 1972 100cc    Black: 1973 100cc

Scott in South Dakota:

Nice site.  My Dad was a Chapparal Dealer and Moto-ski for many years in Aberdeen South Dakota. He sold over 300 of the 1974 SSX 340 and 440.  There were alot of the 340s around here but now it is hard to even see one on the trails. We sold the one 440 SSX we had about six years ago and we also had the Firebird 292 that was a great sled.  Still wish we had kept both of them.  The reason my Dad sold so many of the 1974s was if you bought a SSX he gave you a 80cc chapparal Dirt Bike for FREE...  He bought a whole rail box car load of them and they were great bikes.  We had a 80cc and 125cc that my brother and I rode for many years and never had anything break on them.  They had Fuji engines in those bikes also.  My Dad has since passed away and this summer I will go through some things that he had packed away as I no I may have all kinds of service manuel items and other things from the factory as he was a dealer for many years.

Keep up the work to save the memories of the good old days.  I now ride Arctic Cats.

The bike did have a FUJI engine and was a kick ass bike.

With the 80 cc I blew away 125cc kawasaki dirt bikes all day long.  We also had a white in color 125cc Chap dirt bike racer that was a rocket in the dirt.